Monday, May 17, 2010


Well, for those of you who have wondering why I haven't posted much lately, the answers are graduation.

The last semester before graduation can be rather difficult and time-consuming, particularly when you're getting that 4-year degree in three years instead. And a double major, at that.

Anyway, I was expecting a BS degree in Statistics and minor in English. Turned out the full extent of what I earned was a BS degree in Statistics and Mathematics, with a minor in English, and another minor in Physics. (I didn't even know about the physics one until, about, the night before or so. I didn't have all the classes for the physics minor as dictated online, but I'd taken so many higher-lever physics courses, it seems they decided to award me one anyway.)

So there's that news. Purdue graduate with BS in Statistics and Mathematics at 20 years old.

Now on to that MS in Applied Stats and I'll be going through all this again one year from now. Already into summer courses for my MS: STAT 529K - Applied Bayesian Decision Theory, not that any of you care what it is.

On another good, more writing-oriented news, I got into ENGL 408, which is one of Purdue's invitation-only Creative Writing class, where you have to submit former work to get in. For anyone who knows my writing, I submitted in "Fireflies" and "King Solomon Is a Blues Musician." I have no idea if any of you have read them, but AW member Kevin (you know who one I mean) seemed to enjoy it quite well when I posted it for critique way back when. In any case, I'll be taking that creative writing class and some statistics classes no readers here will give a fuck about (I assume) and hopefully get my MS and get the hell out of here in 365 days!

And for those waiting for graduation photos, here you go. There are more to come later whenever the school photographs send us theirs but these are just our own two. I really effin' wish the caps were sized.... impossible to put on. I'm a 7 1/2 in hats (generally an XL) and I have lots of hair.... it was a real challenge to put their caps on. Anyway. My mom should be obvious. My brother is the brown one who looks like an older version of me if I chopped my hair off. And my father is the white-haired old guy (to whom I birthday-gifted that Burberry houndstooth wool-silk blend sports coat, which I think looks quite well on him, and fits rather well.) Hehe.

Furthermore, note my badass bow tie. Ralph Lauren crimson spades with skulls centered in them. Oh yeah! I don't think anyone else there wore a bow tie....

So there you go, Maryn. Happy?