Saturday, January 23, 2010

In which I shamelessly plug my favorite bands

This post has no other point than to shamelessly promote some of my favorite bands.

Some bands are just so good, having just one copy of their albums isn't enough.

First up is Rush and Pink Floyd. The classics stay classic.

I would never pass up an opportunity to show off my collection of Elliott Smith vinyls.

No list would be complete without some Syd Barrett.

My own pieces of pop history.

And finally the band so good that I have no less than four physical copies of some of their albums: Porcupine Tree.

Music is always a great inspiration for writing. Little known fact (talk about stating the obvious): both of my two novellas were inspired while listening to Porcupine Tree songs. "Trains" (no shit) and "Collapse the Light into Earth." More beautiful songs have never been written.

Music is great for setting a mood. I can't write without it.


  1. There is an alarming lack of 30 Seconds to Mars on this blog. Remedy this at once.

  2. My personal favorite writing band is Nightwish. Totally agree about the need for music while writing. I don't need it all the time, but there have been times (Nano) where I just would've failed without it!
    ~ Bookewyrme

  3. Good picks, though I have no idea who Porcupine Whoozits are. You kids with that noise you call music.

    (p.s. I am old.)