Friday, January 1, 2010

Kuwi Hates You All

Hello, World.

This is my first entry.

My name is Kuwisdelu. I am a writer. I have many names, but this one will suffice until the editors of the world see fit to publish my unworthy scribblings. I call my lines unworthy. In truth, I am simply too brilliant for this world. In all likelihood, the day I publish shall be the sign of the End Times, and all can hold their breath in anticipation of me.

The truth is that beginning this blog is a testament to my self-loathing. This is a way to start the New Year. I am born again on January 1, 2010. What will the future bring? Do you expect me to know? Do you expect to know me? Expect to be disappointed.

I hate the word blog. I hate the “words” born of the internet age which have infected our lexicon. I hate LOL, ROTFL, ROTFLOL, ROTFLMAO, OMG, and BRB.

Just so you know. I will not LOL. And FYI, I will not BRB. If I BRB, I will not be saying TTYL, and I will not CYA. Nor will I BBS nor BBIAB. I will not BBL. I will just be gone, disappeared into the internet ether, leaving you all to wonder WTF and WTH. I will never KISS, but I will probably give you TMI. Because AFAIK, I am never JK, and IMO this is all just BS. So LMTFA.

I am a part of the problem, and I admit this with heartfelt, inequitable disgust at myself.

So, my dear reader. Hello.

Now what shall I rant upon? What daily minutiae of my trivial life shall I choose with which to bore you? What filth, what profound depravity shall I unleash unto the world?

I am not a deviant. I am far, far worse. And you will love me for it.

As I hate and love you.


  1. ATROSLAAC, you're one of the cool kids now. Welcome to the blogosphere.

  2. God damn it, you popped his comment cherry.

    Only because I was asleep at the time!